Social Media Community Guidelines


Revance maintains corporate social media accounts across multiple platforms. We invite you to visit our channels to engage with our content and learn more about our company. By engaging and accessing these accounts, you agree to comply with the rules of engagement. We are committed to facilitating positive engagements and welcome your comments. However, the following are some reasons why we may need to remove or not respond to your comment:

Includes spam, threatening harm to self or others, profanity

Posts that contain derogatory comments, or personal attacks will be removed. Please be respectful and kind and refrain from using vulgar language as any such posts will be removed.

Includes a product complaint, adverse event or side effects

Posts that include comments regarding safety issues, side effects or product complaints. If you experience any medical side effects or reactions, please consult with your healthcare professional immediately. You may report a side effect or adverse event by calling 1-877-3REV-NOW (1-877-373-8669) and select option 1 or emailing Alternatively, you can also contact the FDA directly at

Includes unapproved products or off-label uses

Posts that include unapproved products or off-label information may be removed. Revance cannot discuss any products that are not approved for use in the U.S. by the Food and Drug Administration or the use of products in any way that is not indicated by the Food and Drug Administration. Please visit for more information on currently approved products and related product information labels. Examples of post which may be removed include:

  • Posts about non- Revance products
  • Posts about unapproved uses of Revance products
  • Posts about Revance products not described in the applicable labeling
  • Post about Revance products in development and not commercially approved

Includes medical advice

Posts that include medical advice to other engaged users. We cannot discuss or provide professional medical advice on an individual’s medical condition. We recommend that all individuals consult with their healthcare professionals on any medical condition.

Thank you for reading and abiding by our community guidelines. We appreciate your interest in Revance and participation within our communities.