Investigator Sponsored Trials

Revance is committed to supporting Investigator Sponsored Trials (ISTs) developed and sponsored by independent investigators to further explore and understand the risks, benefits, and potential new opportunities and indications to address unmet patient needs in therapeutic areas of interest to us.

Investigator Sponsored Trials

We encourage researchers dedicated to the drug and/or medical device development processes to apply for IST support via our web portal.

In order to be considered for company support, the research must seek to address important clinical and/or non-clinical objectives while following rigorous scientific designs and respecting the privacy and safety of all enrolled patients and in alignment with good clinical practice.

Revance will consider providing support for both clinical and non-clinical studies. We will consider applications for both financial and in-kind (drug/device/biologic product) support, but studies must be conducted without any direction from Revance. Approved applications must culminate in a completed study and a supporting publication. Approved investigators will also be required to enter into a formal, written agreement with Revance outlining the scope of the support and requiring compliance with applicable local laws and regulations.


You may also contact Revance Medical Affairs at to discuss preliminary ideas or ask additional questions.