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At Revance, we are daring to make a difference in the world through our products, services and people. We have grown and developed into the company we are today because we have been guided by a set of values that are embraced by all employees.

These values shape every aspect of our operations and reflect our commitment to our employees, patients, the medical community and our shareholders.

Our Values


If there is a way to do better, we find it fast. We simplify, innovate, and implement fast. We embrace the speed of decision-making.


We value transparency and genuineness. Being true to oneself is at the core of our identity, culture, and business practices. We remain true, regardless of the pressure we’re under to act otherwise – we’re honest with ourselves and others.


We think big. We create futures designed to disrupt the marketplace. We are willing to take bold action to create our vision.


Perseverance, determination, and persistence. We thrive on challenging tasks and always aim to do the right thing. Obstacles do not get in the way of our success.


We listen in ways that create understanding. By assuming positive intent and offering support, we respect others, encourage collaboration and foster inclusiveness.

Our Promise

Commitment to Physicians and Their Patients

Health care providers and their patients demand something significantly better, and we are committed to delivering that.

Commitment to Employees

We provide an inclusive, rewarding, and engaging environment for employees to develop professionally and contribute to our success.

Commitment to Shareholders

We strive to scale our business to provide superior returns to our investors.

Our promise to physicians and their patients, the medical community, our employees and our shareholders serves as the foundation to our approach to sustainability.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

As we enter the commercial stage of our evolution after nearly 20 years of research and development efforts, our focus on corporate responsibility and sustainability has never been greater. We are excited to share our inaugural ESG Report, which details our commitments and efforts to build strong corporate governances, and operate sustainably and responsibly, including our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and prevailing social issues.

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