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Shattering Age-Old Barriers

Dan Browne Co-Founder, President & CEO

For 30 years, neuromodulators have remained largely unchanged. Compounds relying on human and animal-derived components are manufactured halfway across the globe, and eventually delivered to patients who must return for more treatment after just a few short months.

For millions of patients, the result is a seemingly constant stream of appointments to maintain the effects of treatment. And for physicians working with neuromodulators, it means a lack of options, the ability to deliver only short-lived results, and myriad back-office challenges such as short-term product stability at room temperature.

At Revance, we are preparing for a better future for doctors and the patients they serve.

Questions we faced:

Can a better botulinum toxin be made with an excipient peptide, rather than human and animal derived components? Could such a formula yield a botulinum toxin not only on par with the current science, but one that outperforms and outlasts the market leader? And could such a toxin be made right here in the U.S. to help patients mere miles away?

The answer is simply, absolutely yes. And Revance is taking on the challenge head on. Our key ingredients?

Grit and the downright stubbornness it takes to create new biologics, and to create meaningful innovation that gets patients better outcomes.

The importance of picking yourself up during the discovery phases and trying again.

The need to remain data-driven not only when we succeed, but especially when we don’t.

And when it comes to merits of the science, going so much further than skin-deep.

These days, when it comes to improving outcomes for aesthetic and therapeutic patients, it’s not what we ARE working on that keeps me up at night — it’s the huge number of potential indications and applications that we aren’t working on that gets my mind racing.

I suppose that’s one way you know you’ve created science that’s remarkable — when it performs so auspiciously across such a varied range of aesthetic and therapeutic platforms, that you cannot help but imagine the full breadth of good it could potentially do.

For our team at Revance, Daring to Make a Difference isn’t just a tag line, and it’s not just a mission. It’s an ethos that we strive to live up to every day, as we work to transform another Silicon Valley dream into a new era of neuromodulators for millions of aesthetic and therapeutic patients, and the doctors who serve them.

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