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DaxibotulinumtoxinA for Injection

Aesthetic Uses & Indications Under Investigation

Revance’s investigational neuromodulator product, DaxibotulinumtoxinA for Injection, is being evaluated for aesthetic use in glabellar lines and other aesthetic indications are under investigation, including forehead lines and crow’s feet.

Glabellar (Frown) Lines — A

The glabella sits between the eyebrows and above the nose. Aging theory suggests that wrinkles develop when injured elastic and collagen fibers in the derma fail to regenerate correctly and are instead replaced by altered fibers. Facial wrinkling of the glabella is promoted by habitual facial expressions, aging, sun damage, smoking, poor hydration, and other factors.1

Forehead Lines — B

Many factors can cause forehead wrinkles including use of various muscles in the face, environmental toxins, and loss of skin elasticity.2

Lateral Canthal Lines (Crow’s Feet) – C

Lateral canthal lines, commonly known as crow’s feet, are associated with a combination of muscle movement, loss of volume around the eyes, skeletal changes and a reduction in skin quality.3

Upper Facial Lines – A, B, C

Upper facial lines, or lines of facial expression, develop in areas including glabellar lines, dynamic forehead lines and lateral canthal lines. Upper facial lines are associated with the aging process. 4


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